Thursday, January 28, 2010

Five year old wisdom

On the heels of his fifth birthday, Ethan continues to suggest that everyday is "Ethan Day" meaning he "is the boss of this house." We learned our lesson over Christmas when we said that day was "Ethan Day" and he could do whatever he wanted. We quickly realized that setting limits on mood and behavior was appropriate. So, on his birthday which we agreed was an "Ethan Day," we set limits. He reluctantly agreed but insisted that every holiday and all birthdays in our house from now on are "Ethan Days." Or, Ethan Daze as the case may be....

Ethan really wanted "Wii Resort" for his birthday, and that is what he receive from Mom and Dad. He woke up at 4:00 a.m. on his birthday and loudly announced it was his birthday. We convinced him it was the middle of the night so he went back to sleep until 7:00 a.m. when he awoke to his prized present. Later that night as he played a game, something happened, and he turned to look at me with a smirk on his face as he said, "Well now! THAT was unusual."

As he was playing an airplane game on the Wii, he told his mom that he gets sick on airplanes, boats, and balloons. "I get a lot of sicks."

We have also started taking him to the Boise Public Library on Thursday nights for a Pre-Kindergarten Prep Class. Last week, Miss Tammy read a story about "dust bunnies" which intrigued Ethan. When we got home, he asked questions about dust bunnies. Heather actually found on upstairs in an obscure corner and showed him. In a concerned and confused observation, Ethan said, "Mom. I don't see any feet on those dust bunnies."

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ethan is 5!

Ethan turns 5 years old tomorrow. It hardly seems possible! He's a good kid too which is nice. His teachers compliment him and note that he has quite a wit for someone his age. He is a typical boy of the 21st Century...he loves his Nintendo DS, Wii, is an avid dinosaur expert (Velociraptors are his particular favorites these days), rides his bike with on the edge of disaster, laughs a lot, is a fan of both Scooby Doo and Phineas and Ferb, and thinks that Red Robin is the best place on earth to eat (well, "eat" is merely a means to an end to play his favorite video game). He is full of life and ideas often talking in a stream of consciousness that defies physiology because he doesn't need to take a breath it seems. He is also pretty courageous for someone his age, and nothing much scares him. He loves school, parties, and is always eager to make friends. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that he really is only 5 because he seems so adult at times. It's been a great 5 years, and we know the next 5 will pass just as quickly.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Busy Holiday Times!

Since my last real post in late November, Christmas, New Years, the Fiesta Bowl, the beginnings of my "shot therapy," and a surprising hospital stay for Ethan have come and gone! Idaho's Legislature reconvened in the refurbished Capitol building, and I've started my 25th legislative roller coaster.

Christmas was different this year. My parent's decided to stay in Twin Falls rather than brave the roads (or another bus ride...they just can't quite get comfortable with that loss of independence). As a result, we had a quiet Christmas morning. Ethan had previously asked Santa for only two things: A Transformer Devastator as well as a Wii game. Santa obliged! Ethan was a bit concerned about how Santa would fit down our chimney. I also took Ethan to the Elk's Club's Christmas for Kids event where one of our exalted members (A Scotsman with a happy chuckle seemingly reinforced at the bar!) dressed as Santa and greeted the kids. Ethan's reaction? "Daddy. I don't think that's the real Santa. He must be one of his helpers."

After Christmas, I decided to go to the Fiesta Bowl to watch the Boise State Bronco's take on the Horned Frogs of TCU. I missed the bowl three years ago, and I had a great time along with thousands of other BSU faithful who made the trek to Phoenix after the new year. The only downside? Garmin GPS has no way of knowing when road construction closes roads and causes detours. As a result, I did spend one morning, in the dark, trying to get back to my hotel after dropping off a buddy at the airport. Oh well. Considering Garmin has been in the news lately for stranding at least three users on snowy mountain roads, being stranded in Phoenix could have been worse. Plus we won!

When my plane landed back in Boise on January 5, Ethan was sitting in his customary spot right outside the security doors in the Boise airport. He grinned, and ran into my arms, kissed my cheek, and immediately demanded we go play video games. The standard Ethan airport greeting. Later that night, he started to cough a bit. Heather and I had been discussing that he seems to have a chronic cough and that perhaps we should seek alternative opinions. Fate intervened. He spent that night coughing and then vomiting. The next morning, the pediatrician sent Ethan and his mom to St. Lukes Hospital where he spent two days (one night). It is now apparent he has asthma, and our next step is an allergist to see what triggers the attacks...although this was the first tangible one. Perhaps he's had mild attacks before? Who knows? We've been pretty lucky with him. No childhood ailments really, and countless friends have now indicated they "had it as a kid and out grew it."

By the end of that second day, Ethan was Ethan. He seemed fine. However, confined to a hospital bed in a cramped room, when I entered the room after work, he put on a brave face though his bottom lip quivered and his eyes watered as he said, "Daddy? I'm just unhappy. I want out of this place. I want to go home." I know there will be a time when he doesn't want to hang out at home. I know there will be a time when on a Saturday morning he doesn't pile onto my lap in a cloud of blankets content to watch cartoons with Daddy for a couple of hours. I know there will be a time when he is out of breath not from an unexpected bout of childhood asthma but from running out the door with his buddies. So, as Heather and I spent countless hours hovering over our little boy who celebrates his fifth birthday in a week, I also realized that these are really special times.
And, now that we know he's out of the woods (and the hospital), I couldn't help but consider that the hospital stay happened 6 days into a new insurance deductible. Ah...timing!

Will Facebook be the death of the blog?

I haven't posted to my blog since late November...almost two months ago. I continue to think my blog is a good way to express myself regarding life; however, as I've thought about it, my foray into social media via Facebook seems to have become an easier way to communicate. Obviously, I do not have the opportunity to expand or comment in depth; however, I fear I'm getting lazy and using Facebook as an alternative to this blog. My new goal? At least once a week.