Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Out of Town

I'm out of town tonight and missing the "Dunham Family." Ethan talked to me on the phone tonight and wondered when I would be home to "change clothes" and play. He doesn't quite have a concept of time yet. Anything in the past (Labor Day at Aunt Laurie's for example) is "last night." Anything in the future is "morrow," but I'm not sure he understands it. When he asked where I am, he seemed to understand "far, far away," yet he said he would wait for me though I told him I'd be home in two days. He's only 3 years old (this picture is from his birthday party), and sometimes we forget how limited his world and experience really is. He seems so adult at times yet his unique interpretation of time and distance is a reminder that he's still learning.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I'm a long-time political junkie, and I've had the great opportunity to work for the construction and real estate industries throughout my career both in management and the political world. Tuesday, May 27th is Idaho's primary election date, and the endorsements made by my employer are already making headlines and blogs. The typical media slap-in-the-face label of "special interests" is already rearing its head. Of course, the media employ their own lobbyists in Idaho, but that doesn't stop their shameless indictment of other organizations representing thousands of Idaho citizens, businesses, and families. Oh well, I'm proud to represent the construction industry which certainly contributes more to Idaho's economy and well being than the political pundits and reporters who impughn special interests. My members interests are special, and we are proud of that.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Ethan is sick right now though he doesn't want to admit it if it keeps him from the cul-de-sac and his buddies outside. He has been sniffling and sounds like a barking seal at night. It's tough to have your baby sick no matter how old.

Super Heroes

Ethan is currently enamored with super heroes. Spiderman, Batman, Superman, and "Super Friends" on "Boomerang" TV are his focus. He recently potty trained overnight when he found out he could wear super hero underwear. He has to wear them backwards, however, because he likes to see their picture which is on the "bum." But, we'll take this odd quirk if it gets rid of the diapers!


We've been blessed to live in a neighborhood with great friends. Ethan in particular is very close to Nick who's like his older brother. They play hard and wrestle! Nick recently babysat Ethan, and Ethan locked Nick out of the house...beating Nick to every door and locking it in front of him from the other side. Also close to Ethan are Alden, Amelia, and Elizabeth. Alden and Amelia have to move from the neighborhood in a few weeks. We're all struggling with how to explain this life loss to the kids. But the good news is Alden and Amelia will now have a swimming pool!

Ethan the farmer

Ethan visited Heather's family farm recently, and enjoyed playing on the old equipment. He spent the night at Aunt Nancy's house and was excited to show his parents the baby chickens. When Nancy's farm dog suddenly snatched a chick from out of Nancy and Ethan's hands, we quickly shielded Ethan from the harsh realities of farm life and reassured him the chick was back with his friends in the pen. He said, "Great. Where's the dead one." Out of the mouths of babes...and dogs.