Wednesday, May 16, 2012

MY NIGHTMARE! My stroke story….

MY NIGHTMARE! My stroke story….

Last fall, I was plagued with a series of massive headaches. Around Christmas, I had 7 of them. I had an MRI on January 6, 2012 but they couldn’t find anything wrong I collapsed on the morning of January 10, 2012. I had a tear in my carotid artery. I was getting better after three days in ICU, and then I had a massive stroke. 

I was conscious the whole time, but I could not get to my call button. I laid there alone in the dark for an hour. That was the worst time I ever knew.

Imagine being alone and terrified because I was trapped by my body. I could not communicate. I lost my ability talk.

My whole family came to see me in the hospital. I was devastated because I thought my family was going to tell me that I was going to die. It was a horror I cannot ever forget.

Fast-forward, I was in the hospital 18 days including 7 days in ICU. For 7 days, I could not even say “Ethan or Heather.” My name was a mystery to me. I couldn’t name anything. I had to learn everything again.

Two months ago, Heather drove me to Lucky Peak because I wanted to take a picture about how it felt to be so alone and desperate. Here is the photo.

Now, my life is an array the doctors, therapy, and appointments. I have 6 therapies a week. A have a lot of homework. What is “math!”

It seems like it was so long ago since my stroke, but it was only 4 months ago. Wow! I have a long road ahead, but it is getting better. I have some paralysis with my right arm, and I have some lost sight in my right eye.

I am so blessed because I could have died. In the early days, I thought, that would be the best option for me and my family. My wife, brothers, family, and friends would not allow me to give up. And my 7 year old son Ethan has given me a lot the courage. We have a lot of living to do. I have a second chance. How many people have such an opportunity!

Thank you to all my friends who set up a trust at “” The money is helping with for my therapy.

Thank you for all your donations, thoughts, and prayers.