Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sea World!

Today, we spent the entire day at Sea World after Ethan woke up unusually early (about 6:45 am!). By the time we left later in the day, he'd been awake almost 12 hours which is a record for him. We saw multiple animals, he got to hold a starfish (but refused to pet a stingray because it was slimy), and ended up at the end of the day playing in a large sandbox with dump trucks and bulldozers. Yes, we travel over 1,000 miles, get to see whales and seals and dolphins, and he ends his Sea World experience much like he spends a day in Boise: Playing with construction equipment! He had fun at the whale show but was disappointed we didn't get splashed. Mom and Dad weren't! Off to Lego Land tomorrow!

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