Saturday, March 28, 2009

Birthday, monsters, and aliens

March 27th was my 48th birthday which I find difficult to believe -- let alone accept! Talk about being the oldest dad at the preschool! One day as I walked down the long hall in the Boise State Children's Center to pick up Ethan, two little kids leaned out the window to their classroom and exclaimed "Hey, that looks like my grandpa!" The other said, "Yeah! It does look like your grandpa." Refraining from knocking them into their room, I picked up Ethan. Yesterday, I picked him up immediately after his nap, and we headed to the movie theater to meet his mom for an opening day viewing of "Monsters vs. Aliens." Ethan's been very excited about the movie, and, knowing it opened on my birthday, he counted down the days to my birthday. Every morning, he'd ask "Is it your birthday today Daddy?" That was kid code for "we get to go see my movie on your birthday." We had a great afternoon at the show (which had enough obscure adult humor to make all the parents laugh a lot), and another boy from his school -- Noah -- coincidentally sat behind us. Ethan was excited and asked what color our house is. I replied "Gray and white," and, as we were leaving, he ran up to Noah and said "Hey, if you want to come to my house to play, it's the gray and white one." Even though I graduated from high school when my mom was 48, having a pre-schooler at 48 in my case is OK. Especially because I'll remember this birthday forever!

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