Thursday, October 29, 2009

Randomness about Ethan

Randomness about Ethan! In an effort to somehow document the crazy things Ethan says, here's a list of recent funny things he has said:

1. He calls his mom a "silly bunion."

2. He calls me "silly underwear."

3. He has now decided to be a vampire for Halloween after starting out as a Transformer and moving to a pirate. "Vampires are COOL Daddy!"

4. In planning a family trip to Disney World in 2010, Ethan looked at me and said in his most earnest fashion, "Daddy. Do NOT forget a stroller. These little legs will get kinda tired walking too much."

5. Anything that is bad is a "rat." As in, "Daddy, he's a rat" or "That show is a rat" or "that food is a rat."

6. When he doesn't like something to eat, he will grasp his belly, moan, and act sick saying "My tummy hurts!" When we remind him that having a stomach ache means no ice cream, he replies "Well, I think that might make me feel a little better."

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