Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Holidays and Laboratories

The Dunhams had a very busy Halloween weekend. The adults attended a neighbor's annual Halloween party where Mark dressed as a vampire at the urging (i.e., insistence) of Ethan while Heather wore her grandmother's signature polyester fur trimmed orange 70's outfit.

The next day, Mark again donned his vampire attire (and, sigh, the full face make up and black hair spray) to join Ethan "Eddie Munster" Dunham for a packed day of parties and trick or treating. After spending time with his cousins at cousin Zoey's 1st birthday party where everyone -- including Disco Heather -- was required to be in full costume, we headed home to trick or treat with the neighbor kids. After a rush around the neighborhood it was home to answer the door which Ethan insisted on doing alone in his vampire regalia.

The next day as we put away the Halloween decorations, Ethan asked, "Daddy, today is Thanksgiving isn't it?"

I replied, "No. Thanksgiving is in a few weeks and then Christmas is a few weeks after that."

Incredulous, Ethan sternly corrected me with an added twist seemingly derived from watching too many Scooby Doo Halloween specials with mad scientists: "No Daddy! It was Halloween yesterday, today is Thanksgiving, tomorrow is Christmas, and we need to clean out the attic to build my laboratory."

Everyday is an experiment of some sort with Ethan.

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