Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tree Houses and Oceans

Recently, I was getting Ethan ready to head to pre-school, and he said, "Daddy, why don't YOU go to school, and I will go to work! How 'bout that Daddy?" There are some days I would prefer to go back to my days in school when life seemed somehow more simple and secure.

Ethan is fast approaching August 25th when he enters Kindergarten leaving behind the BSU Childrens' Center where he has developed and been nurtured for almost three years now. Somehow Kindergarten seems to be the kick-off to a hectic life of deadlines and rushing around...the merry-go-round of life that is unrelenting. I'm enjoying immersing myself in his childhood because I know how fleeting the time will be.

"Fleeting" because my 85 year old stepdad, Karl -- the greatest man I have ever been blessed to know -- is faltering. I'm 36 years younger than he is. When I'm 85, Ethan will be 42 years old. Will he look back on his years with me as fondly as I do of my years with Karl? I hope so. It won't be from lack of me trying. I spend as much time with him as possible, and 2010 will go down in our family history as one busy year! The memories we are making!

In March, we spent over a week in Florida completely immersed in the Disney experience down to the hotel, meal plan, transportation, etc. It was awesome. Ethan got to be Jedi, a pirate, and had a great time.

In July, we spent time in Oregon...exploring Portland's zoo and the Oregon Museum of Science and Technology. This was followed by a few days on the Oregon Coast where Ethan ran into the ocean for the first time with complete abandon and delight...a trait he exhibits in most of his life.

Ethan and Daddy also built a tree house in the backyard this year. As we progressed, his plans for the structure matched his vivid imagination, and we laughed and laughed. One evening when his mom escaped for some well-deserved "Mommy time," Ethan helped carry boards, picked up scraps, screwed in decking screws, etc. He asked at least 5 times that "This is actually kinda fun isn't it Daddy? You and me?"
It was. It always will be.

Next we're off to McCall for a weekend and then head to Coeur d'Alene where Mommy and Daddy participate in the Idaho Governor's Cup while Ethan impatiently waits for a visit to Silverwood.

Making memories. That's what it's all about. I have such great memories of Karl, and I hope Ethan's memories of me are just as special.

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