Friday, April 12, 2013

Our son is a character!

My son is a character. He is funny, irreverent, sometimes sarcastic, and joyous. Sometimes I have to realize that he's only eight-year-old because he says things that makes him seem so much older.

Last night we had ice cream. He complained about a ice cream headache. Ethan said "I have a brain freeze headache."

I am responded saying "Ethan, that is not possible because that would assume that you have a brain!"

Without missing a beat Ethan said "Dad. You assume that you have hair but your bald." Ouch!

One time when we went to Red Robin -- of course. We were using the restroom. When Ethan was finishing washing and drying his hands, Ethan wiped the counter.

Startled Ethan said "Oh my gosh! I am wiping the counter at a restaurant. I am a freak like my mom!"

Ethan goes to a Catholic school Boise. He is in second grade and he goes to church every Friday morning.

I told Ethan that we should start attending church on Sundays every once in a while. Ethan said "No Daddy. I attend church on Fridays and I'm not going to mess up my weekend by going to church that often."

As an eight-year-old, our son wants to grow up too soon for me. He asked when he can have a FaceBook account. He also believes that he needs an email account of his own. He believes that he can drive: "Dad I have ridden a snow mobile, a Ranger (ATV), Uncle Dan's Corvette (on my brother's lap of course!)." He asked about when he will get a cell phone also.

For each of those I have said 15 years old.

But he keeps asking!

I am grateful that I am experiencing such a great kid. I am in awe of him in so many ways.

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