Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Our parents died last September....

One Year….

Yesterday, my brothers, Steve and Dirk, and I went to Twin Falls, Idaho. It was a quick trip.  We had to do some estate legal work, and after that, we went to the cemetery.  Our parents died in September, and we have not seen the headstone.

It was kinda surreal.  Because we live in Boise and our parents lived in Twin Falls, it seems that they are still here.  Seeing the headstone makes it real.

It seems like yesterday that my wife told me that my Mom was sick.  It was about early May.  Our step father was ill, and we knew that he would not get better, but this sudden news that both of our parents were going to die was heart wrenching.

Last summer was odd. I was recovering after my stroke (still am…), and my brothers and I went to Twin Falls every week…sometimes two times a week.  There were so many fires last year, and the scenery seemed like a burnt orange Moonscape.

Watching a parent’s demise was awful. It seems like reality was in slow motion. Mom was so healthy until ovarian cancer took her. 

Our step dad – a wonderful man – seemed to want to give up because of Mom’s condition. They were so vibrant, and then, they were gone.

Seems like yesterday, but it also seems so long ago.


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