Thursday, July 31, 2014

Stroke and Seizure Shorts

When I started to do my blog, it was basically for a diary of sorts. I realized that I needed a way to share memories of our son. Life is short, and sometimes I do not remember funny or insightful things our son says. 

Here are some random anecdotes collected for three months:

“Daddy! When you try to sing, it's like a horror movie on radio!”

Seizure  Shorts
“I'd like to get a rabbit or a video game or a bow & arrow. Never mind. I'm not responsible enough to have a weapon or pet so I'll just have a video game instead.”

Getting ready one morning, Ethan kept trying to find his "seizure shorts." I asked what he meant. He said, "These shorts are neon orange with crazy patterns Dad. They could cause a stroke and seizure like you had!" And he laughed. We all laughed which is a good thing!

Driving with me, Ethan said, “Oh no! I am cursed! I repeat things, I talk too loud, and talk a lot. The Saxton gene!” That is his mom’s maiden name!

I read a study recently saying“Always kiss your children goodnight even if they’re already asleep.” I do that anyway, but I showed that report to our son. He said, “Daddy. If you kissed me when I was asleep, did you give me rabies in the night?  Hmmm?”

In a very serious tone, Ethan said, “I've been swimming so much this summer that my tan line is getting darker. Good thing I don't have a speedo!”

Ethan and his best friend Hayden are dismantling an old bike and old John Deere play tractor to build a go-cart. "Dad! We need a gun turret!!" Wreckage ensues.

One  day, Ethan said, “Daddy! Sometimes I just need to dance!” And he did. I hope he keeps dancing throughout his life.

Out of the blue, Ethan said, “Dad. I am a "slugpire!" That means I am a slug and a vampire. This summer basically I am a slug and I stay up way too late and sleep a long time in the morning! So I made a new word: slugpire!”

Ethan whispered in my ear, “I am simply not here.” Stealth boy.

Pondering what to do next, he said, “Dad. For the go cart I need a transmission and a welder. And probably an engine. Can you handle that?”

Driving with my son, we were behind an old man who was driving too slowly for my son. "Move it old man!” he cried. I responded, "Do you consider me to be ‘old?’" Without missing a beat, he responded, "NO! But maaaaaaybeeeeee” like Dr. Evil from Austin Powers.  

Perhaps I am OLD, but our son keeps me grounded and makes me feel young again! I cannot wait for the next posts I will collected in a few months!

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