Thursday, May 26, 2016

Physical Therapy and George Carlin

I am doing physical therapy for whiplash. In January, a guy rear-ended me and the resulting “pain in my neck” is causing problems in terms of pain and insurance complications.

Next week, I will have an MRA and an MRI to see if something is wrong.  There is a concern because my strokes were caused by a torn carotid artery.  

My latest physical therapist is just “cool.” Born in Sandpoint, Idaho, he is moving to Hawaii to practice there.

When I asked what led him to move, he told me that it is almost a spiritual journey. He is studying himself and his place in the world.

We talked about spiritually, the essence of being, and faith.  

I told him that I am not a “church going guy,” though I have faith. It is perhaps not the Judeo-Christian faith that is the norm in “God fearing” tradition of my parents. I was baptized in three religions: Lutheran, Catholic, and Mormon. I find the traditional answers of those Judeo-Christian lacking.

I do have faith, but not in the normal way.

During the therapy sessions, we talked about the American want “stuff.”  There is a huge industry where people store their stuff. We added a 1,000 sq. feet several years ago, and now we have way too much stuff.

My therapist told me that he had a large house with lots of “stuff” including sports stuff, furniture, electronic, etc. His spiritual journey includes selling a lot of stuff!

I laughed and referenced George Carlin’s comedy routine about “stuff.” “That’s the meaning of life! Trying to find a place to keep your stuff.”

I told him I envy your future because he has time to discover “him.” He is getting rid of a whole lot of stuff not just possessions. Life in general. He seems so serene. So calm.

Life seems to be about stuff. Emotional, physical, and mental baggage.

Richard Bach’s book, “Illusions” is a favorite of mine. When I think about physical therapist, Bach perspective is true:  “You are led through your lifetime by the inner learning creature, the playful spiritual being that is your real self. Don't turn away from possible futures before you're certain you don't have anything to learn from them. You're always free to change your mind and choose a different future, or a different past.”

Sometimes I wonder if it is too late for me.


Rebecca Dutton said...

I believe we have more talents than we can use in one lifetime. A stroke created an opening for me to explore the talents I didn't use because my previous pursuits didn't require them.

Dot Eastman said...

That George Carlin quote is spot on. I remember back when I first moved into my apartment and there was so much empty space. Now there are piles of stuff in every corner and I daydream about getting to a point where I know exactly why I own each and every single object. Thanks for sharing this.

Dot Eastman @ U.S. HealthWorks Stockton (East)