Sunday, June 24, 2018

CT scans and bruising

My two strokes were 6 1/2 years ago. Ever since I’ve had headaches.

Recently, I have had a new kind of headache which caused my neurologist to order another CT scan. Usually a CT scan is about a 15 minute process.

However, I’ve always had "difficulty veins." Nurses have always had difficulty finding a vein to insert an IV.

As an elected official and a former lobbyist, I have a thick skin. Who knew underneath that tough skin is a mishmash of bad veins!

Recently, I was poked and prodded for three hours. Finally a neurosurgeon used an ultrasound to find a vein. He still had difficulty.

As a result, my bruises have a wide range of colors!
The doctor, nurses and the radiologists kept saying that I am "such a kind and patient man." It’s not their fault and screams are overrated.

The good news is, the CT scan showed NO new brain damage. The bad news is six years of headaches with no relief.
But I’m still alive!

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Rebecca Dutton said...

And I thought I had bad veins. Wow.