Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Garage Sale: The Results Are In!

We had our garage sale last Saturday, and today we can get two cars in the garage for the first time in over one year. We got rid of a lot of stuff which was great considering we had friends and family contribute to the "product" that we were selling. We had a pretty steady stream of people throughout the day, and we were all glad to see the big stuff sell so we didn't have to move it again. We took a couple pick-up loads to the Idaho Youth Ranch after all was said and done.

We were very proud of Ethan who gamely watched many of his old toys groped and sold. We kept telling him he would get a scooter if he made enough money on the sale. He cleared about 70 bucks (OK, we didn't charge him overhead such as a percentage of the ad and the tables we rented, but 3 years olds don't grasp fractions or math very well), so next Monday, he will take delivery of his new scooter that coincidentally for boys only comes in Boise State University Blue and Orange. Fate had a hand in the sale evidently.

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