Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pink Scooters and Garage Sales

How do you convince a 3 year old to sell some of his possessions at a garage sale? Our annual garage sale is Saturday, and, as we sort through forgotten boxes, nooks, and crannies, Ethan finds some dusty old baby toy and exclaims with glee that "I like that! We can't sell that!" We're slowly getting his agreement to sell some of his old stuff so he can get new stuff. Case in point is the pink scooter in this picture. It's a VERY COOL "Micro-Scooter," but is is pink. That's because it belongs to neighbor Amelia. Ethan loves it, and rides it everywhere even doing some impressive tricks. I showed him that there is a male version (in Boise State blue and orange no less), and told him we might get him one if we sell enough stuff. He is now processing his own three year old cost-benefit analysis because he wants a "BSU Scooter" and a new "fort bed" with a slide. We'll see.

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