Monday, February 23, 2009

"Smart Brain" and snow balls

Over the weekend, we spent a couple restful days at a cabin outside of Baker City, Oregon. Ethan was so excited to head to the mountains where he was focused on riding "snowmobilers." Last week, as he was trying to get to sleep, he said to his mom "Can I talk about the snowmobilers for just 10 more minutes? Please!" He took a couple rides on the snow machines, the four-wheeler, and the "Mule." The weather was cold but awesome, and the creek through the property was iced over but beginning to melt. We made snow balls to throw into the creek which broke the ice. Ethan used a snow ball maker, and when I said that was a great idea, he nonchalantly tapped his forehead, and said, "Yeah. I know. I've got a smart brain."

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