Sunday, February 8, 2009

Throwing up and toys...

For the first time really since I met Heather (going on 10 years!), she was literally down for the count with some sort of intestinal "thing." 6 teachers in Ethan's school were out last week with the same illness, and I happened to be in California when it hit Heather. When she was too sick to pick me up at the airport, I knew she was really sick: Heather LOVES airports...and, now, so does Ethan. When I got home, Ethan was asleep, and she was trying to sleep. Heather indicated Ethan was a good little doctor...showing concern for her, getting her water, etc. He asked her at one point if she wanted some "mecidine," and when she said she would, he replied, "Well, you'll have to get it." Because it was on a top shelf!

For the next day or so, she stayed in bed trying to recover, and I played "Mr. Mom" which was kinda fun despite the reason. I took Ethan to school, picked him up, etc. I know. I know. Every dad should do all of that, and I do my share. But, I got to see firsthand how busy Heather is with him. On Saturday, Ethan and I spent about 1.5 hours in Fred Meyer browsing, looking at toys, shopping for food, etc. I remarked that his mom sure was sick, and he said, "Yeah! Really sick. I sure hope she doesn't throw up on my toys." When I laughed, he seemed embarrassed, and admonished me in a terse whisper "DAD! Don't tell her I said that!"

All is well again now. She's feeling much better, Ethan got to enjoy a playdate with our former neighbors this afternoon, and no one has thrown up on his toys!

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