Sunday, April 12, 2009


Easter is a fun time for the Dunhams mainly because we get to go to Heather's sister Laurie's house for the annual family event. This was the 32nd annual event (well, not for Ethan and I because we're relatively recent additions to the family), and the weather was simply wonderful as was the company and food (had to make sure I got that in the proper order....). However, this wasn't our only event. Yesterday morning, we were invited to a wonderful brunch at our friend Elina's house where Ethan participated in what was the first of three Easter egg hunts this weekend. Ethan and Mom then colored eggs. Last night the adults got to play as Heather and I laughed through our montly "Supper Club" which was hosted by our friend Elizabeth in her new house. The theme was French, and I even tried a snail. It was....well, I didn't vomit. It's apparent that my father's Norwegian roots take precedent over my mother's quarter French roots. However, because I surrendered and ate a snail, perhaps I am more French than expected....Today, Ethan awoke to find the Easter Bunny had delivered the goods which included a stuffed dinosaur ("I don't like chocolate bunnies Mom) and an Optimus Prime Transformer Kite. His excitement was palpable. He came downstairs and found even more Easter eggs, and decided the ones too high for the Easter Bunny to plant must have been put there by the Easter Bunny's boss. Later, as we drove to Aunt Laurie's, he commented on how pretty the mountains were. Heather told him they were the "Owyhees" which he now calls the "High Why Hees." He spent the day running with cousins, getting wet in the sprinkler, showing dad the new kittens (who were born this morning on the deck -- blessedly prior to our arrival), teeter-tottering (not sure if that's an official verb), and avoiding eating as much as possible. The drive home included a trip past "Mommy's farm to see the buffalo," and then a well deserved snooze on the way back home. Yawn.....

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