Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What is it about toots and boys?

I think it is a gender thing. My 4 year old son cannot stop laughing when he toots. "Toots" is the only word allowed in our household to describe the "f" word which, in this case for those of you with dirty minds is "flatulence" or the more common "fart." Ethan almost cries when laughing when he is...well...engaged in this behavior. I try to limit this....activity....cautioning him that he can NEVER do it at school, in front of Grandma (speaking from 48 years of personal experience, this is doomed to failure), or his mother. He will giggle, turn around, wiggle his "bum" (we also cannot use "butt" in our home), and either really....well...let one go or pretend to do so. Then he collapses in fits of laughter saying "Did you hear that one Daddy!" If it is particularly....well....smelly, he covers his nose amidst giggles and roars "Oh, that one stinks!" On the off chance he performs this typical male act in front of Mom, she admonishes him, looks at me and says "it must be a boy thing." Of course, sometimes she laughs as well though she doesn't like to admit it. It really IS a boy thing I suppose. Growing up with three older brothers, this simple natural act took on an art form, and evidently Ethan is an artist. Perhaps it was inappropriate for me to put a Whoopee Cushion in his Christmas stocking. Oh well. Here he comes again!

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