Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Aren't We Missing Something Here?

"Attitude" is something that seems to come naturally to our son Ethan. He's a great little boy, and his sense of humor is often surprising though it sometimes has a hint of "attitude." For example:
One night when Dad was ill and slept in another room, Ethan joined his mom in bed. She piled up some pillows/blankets to block him from rolling off the bed because he flails all over when he sleeps. Despite her best efforts, he fell off the bed. In response to his mom's comments that she tried to block him falling, he said, "Well, it didn't work did it?"
Another example: Ethan was enjoying his "normal" Blimpie sandwich and Cheetos in the Jeep when his mom took a corner fast enough to cause his Cheetos to spill over onto the seat. When they stopped and she cleaned up the errant snacks, Ethan looked at her with consternation, and asked "Aren't we missing something something here?" Heather said "What?" He responded, "An apology?"

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