Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Real Bombs Daddy!"

Ethan was patiently waiting to chat with his mom who was on the phone. "Patiently waiting" for Ethan means he was almost bouncing around the room because life is one big exciting adventure for him. He has a LOT to say. Somehow, he hit his head on the arm of the sofa. When Heather got off the phone, Ethan was whimpering a bit and rubbing his head. Heather asked, "Did you hurt your head?"

He replied, "No I hurt my brain."

She said something about wanting to give him medicine, and he got his incredulous look and noted, "I hurt my brain. You can't put medicine on that."

Later the same day, I called the house to chat with Heather and Ethan because I'm out of town. He answered and immediately launched into a detailed description of the Hot Wheels course he and Mom were building. Heather subsequently said, "We need you. This is SUCH a boy thing." In the meantime, Ethan described the curves and cars on the course. He also stressed that they were building bombs to place along side the tracks. He expressed disappointment about the fact the bombs were made of paper wads.

We concluded our conversation by him lamenting about the bombs. He said, "Daddy? When you get home you need to help me with the bombs. I really want real bombs Daddy. We need real bombs that explode! OK Daddy? Can you make a bomb for me Daddy? One that really explodes?"

I'm relieved he hasn't asked for a chemistry set yet....

Bombs...wish we had real bombs.

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