Sunday, February 3, 2013

A blog post for the modern age

Usually I type my blog posts. But because of technology I can "speak" my blog posts!

This new technology helps me in so many ways. If I can speak rather than type, It seems like I can do everything.

My previous blog post about tools and not cheating made me realize that talking is not cheating. Rather I have a whole new world of things I can say because this is not cheating. This is just a new extension of my thought process.

When my mother was dying, Mom said that I should write a book about my stroke and experiences. She said my new calling might be helping with stroke recovery in the aftermath.

Mom was very focused about that thought, and I have really been thinking about it.

I do think I have a compelling story to tell but I wonder if it is not too compelling to other people. It's just me. I guess I'm kind of a modest guy so I wonder if my story is compelling or not.

Anyway with that goal in mind, fulfilling my mother's dying wish, and with my family's support, maybe I might try it.

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