Friday, September 27, 2013

Little boys,Sugar Smacks, XBox and World War III

When I started my blog, it was to be somewhat like a journal about my son.  For several years, the focus of my blog was my family. 20 months ago, the focus changed because of my strokes. Nevertheless  sometimes I go back to my original  idea and I  post "stuff" about my son.   

One evening when we were getting ready for bed, I asked him what he would want for breakfast the next day. He said, "Corn puffs."  I said that is not a good breakfast. He said, "Dad! This is a complete, wonderful breakfast." I reminded him that when I was a kid it was called "Sugar Smacks" and the new name is a marketing ploy. Ethan responded saying, "Well, Daddy, your are old and they are very new nutritious."

I was watching a PBS show called "Rick Steve's Europe." Ethan said, "What is that show? Torture?" I never told him about "Lawrence Welk" which was torture when I was a kid!

Heather commented that she pulled bunch of weeds out the neighbor"s driveway. Ethan said, "Seriously, Mom! What is wrong with you! Geez!"

I fixed a simple electrical issue and Heather said, "Hey!  We should keep you a little longer!" Ethan retorted, " should be sooner than later."

Watching the CBS news morning show we're getting ready for school, Ethan commented about Syria and all the wars. He said, "Are we getting ready for World War III?" That is kinda sad actually. 

This morning Ethan was deadheading some of Heather's flowers. Ethan said, Oh my gosh! I'm turning into Mom. What is wrong with me!"

I just bought a ruler that is very convenient. It folds in half. When Ethan saw it, he exclaimed "Dad! Your ruler is SO cool! Not bad for a hippie."

Ethan made sure that he licked a whole bunch of cookies so we could eat them.

Last night, I asked my son Ethan if he is excited to start third grade tomorrow.  Exasperated, Ethan said, "Dad. This is school. Of course I'm not excited." I have been duly chastised.

Ethan knows that part of my vision therapy involves using an "Xbox Controller "  My son said, "Daddy! That is a waste!  If you didn't have a stroke and we played XBox together, you would be much better. Now, you are not good at all! Never mind. You were bad before the stroke." 

It is great to go back and remember!

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