Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Stan Dunham was a great guy!

20 years ago today, our Dad’s funeral was held. It does not seem possible that it was so long ago.

Yesterday, I went to his grave to honor him. The brass plate on his “niche” is faded now, but the memories are still fresh.

I remember the funeral like it was yesterday. It was packed, and so many old “Buttrey Food’s” colleagues were there. It was a testament for our dad who every liked.

After my second stroke, when the nurses were rushing me to the MRI room, I remembered that dark hallway. It seemed like they would never get to me even though I know they were swiftly hurrying along. At that point, I felt that my Dad was saying to me, “You will be OK.” 

Who knows if that was true or if it was a figment of my imagination? But, Dad helped me in those dark hours. Just the thought of my Dad helped me so much. Thanks Dad.

Dad was a great friend, a cool guy, smart, funny, and irreverent.  

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