Saturday, March 8, 2014

Old souls, and father and a son

This month, our son is the “Student of the Month” for his third grade class at Sacred Heart. We are very proud of him. He gets mainly “A’s” and a couple of “B’s.” We are grateful that he is doing so well in school.

He is a tough kid. When he was 5, we were robbed, and that was an emotional thing for the whole family. Even now, we have an alarm to make our son feel secure. Then, I had my strokes which was a ordeal for everyone. For my son, seeing his dad scared, not talking right, and other assorted issues, it was tough for a 6 year old boy.

Years ago, I was on a business trip with a coworker, and she said that “Mark, you have an old soul.” I took that as a compliment. I always thought I was old for my age. As my mom would often say quoting “The Raiders of the Lost Ark, It's not the years, honey, it's the mileage.”  I have a lot of miles in me.

For our son, I hoped that he would not get too many miles before his childhood ends. But, his life so far is more eventful that I would have liked. I fear that he might have an old soul like his dad.  

But the good news, he is a great and funny kid. As I said, great grades, great friends, and an irreverent sense of humor. Here are some of his latest comments that make us laugh.  

Several months ago, our son was complaining about his knee. At that point, he was playing fall baseball. Because of pain, we scheduled an appointment to the Idaho Sports Medicine Institute. But before the appointment, he participated in the Sacred Heart Jog R Walk, a big fundraiser for the school.  
He participated even though it was painful for him. Turns out he does have an injured knee and a hamstring growth plate strain. I feel I am the father of the year....

Ethan said......"I want to trick or treat old people...I said why....and he said. "CUZ THEY GIVE OUT FULL SIZE CANDY BARS!"

Ethan was on Xbox and we overheard him tell his buddies. "Hey guys, I gotta tell ya something....remember when I said my dog ate my homework.....he didn't, I did!” We do not have a dog anyway.

Heather was grinding coffee but the coffee grinder trigger button is broken so she used a pencil to trigger the grinding process and Ethan saw his mom and said, “Is that a pencil sharpener?”

Ethan asked his mom, "Who's that lady? The Queen of plants?" His mom said, "You mean Mother Nature?" He replied, 'Yes! If I were her, I have a snow day every day!"

Ethan and his mom were studying for his social studies test talking about Canada and the borders. His mom said, "No fruit or vegetables can go over the border." Our son said, "Well what about cookies? What about chips and dips?"

Shopping with his mom at Fred Meyer, someone broke a bottle of Gatorade on the floor of the store. Ethan said in a loud voice, "Cleanup on aisle six! Cleanup on aisle six!"

After my seizure in January, Ethan excitedly asked, "Do we get to park handicapped spaces because of dad!"

Ethan this discussing college and he announced that he and two of his best friends are "going to Boise State and going to stay in the "domes" together." We said, "Our 'dorms' not 'domes.!" "Whatever," he said.

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