Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Blood thinners and Calgon

On Friday I'm undergoing minor ear surgery. It's not a big deal until you have to take blood thinners like Plavix. I take Plavix. 

Sunday morning, I quit taking Plavix on Dr.'s orders. Lots of doctors! Instead, through Sunday to Friday morning I inject myself twice a day with Lovenox.

The syringes are small.  The needles are about a half inch. 

Using blood thinners makes people bruise easily. However, injecting myself with Lovenox is a different story! Throughout the week I will inject myself nine times.

This bruise resulted from three injections. On the other side of my abdomen, I have similar bruises.

To make it even better (or worse), when I get out of surgery it seems my head will be wrapped. My son laughed, and said, "Just like a dog, you'll be wearing the cone of shame."

The Saturday Market downtown, Boise State's first home game and Art in the Park. Great timing.

Calgon - or anesthesia - take me away!

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