Friday, October 26, 2012

Dying parents

My parents died last month. My mom and step dad were married for 42 years. My dad died almost 20 years ago. It seem unreal that they are gone. On Facebook, I posted news about my parents dying, and even now, it is surreal to me.  The outpouring of postings about my parents was a key part of my grieving even though I suppose I will be grieving for years. I did my mothers eulogy  which was very tough to do even if I had not had a stroke.

Here is what I posted:

September 23: Our mother died yesterday, a victim of ovarian cancer. She left us 13 days after our step father passed away. This was a quick exit after 80 years. Her considerable life force has ended. She was many things: Hardworking, beautiful (inside and out), driven, compassionate, feisty, loyal, and loving. But, Mom was simply a great mom and grandmother. That was all she ever wanted to be. She had so many great friends and people who loved her. I will miss her laugh. I will miss her endless phone calls. I will miss the best chocolate chip cookies ever. I will miss my dear friend.

September 10: Another one of "The Greatest Generation" died today. My step dad, Karl Brown, was my hero. I met him when I was 8 years old, and for 42 years, my step dad was the epitome of love, caring, mentoring, inspiration and great jokes! He was the Best Man at our wedding. Thank you, Karl, for all that you have given me. I hope I can always make you proud of me. He was a great dad to me, and I will miss him.

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