Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fibromuscular dysplasia

I really never knew my grandmother. I kinda knew her from a distance  I saw here maybe about 5 or six times. My mother did not know her until she was 22 years old. But, my point about all of this is MY medical history. 

The stroke was much unexpected. There was no family history, but last night I remembered that my grandmother died on her 66th birthday and the cause was a cerebral hemorrhage.  Mom said that she told her other daughters that she would die that day--  and she did!  

So, is there a hereditary condition? Who knows.

I often wonder about adoptions.  How would you know about your medical history? For my brothers and me, I do know about our family history I guess.

My Dad’s family history is the usual stuff. Grandpa Selmer had cancer and died at 77. Grandma Agnes had the “Robertson Disease” (her maiden name) but the common name is Alzheimer’s.  My dad has liver disease and died at 63 like his brother who died at 63 succumbing because of liver disease.  His cousins also died of liver disease even though some did not drink at all.

For my mother, Grandpa Bailey had heart attacks.  Mom’s siblings were another story.  Her mother had four kids, and Mom was the second. Three fathers for four kids. I do not know about Mom’s siblings from that side of the family.

For my Mom’s dad, she has two sisters living. They were her "sisters."

So, always wonder about me! Was there precursor? Was there a warning? Was this the luck if the draw. Why me?

At the hospital when the first stroke happened, the doctors said “this is what caused my torn carotid artery."

“Fibromuscular dysplasia (FMD) is the abnormal development or growth of cells in the walls of arteries that can cause the vessels to narrow or bulge. The carotid arteries, which pass through the neck and supply blood to the brain, are commonly affected. Arteries within the brain and kidneys can also be affected.”

Of course, three days later, the “big one” hit, and my journey is continuing to unfold.

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