Sunday, November 25, 2012


One of the most interesting things about my stroke is relearning everything. Tying my shoes. Using a belt. Using hairspray – assuming I have hair! Using tooth paste. Using a knife properly was a cautionary dilemma for me! 

These very commonplace tasks are a struggle for me.
So the gift that keeps giving is that I have to concentrate for even the most mundane tasks!

Here is the clinical definition:    

Apraxia is a disorder of the brain and nervous system in which a person is unable to perform tasks or movements when asked, even though:
·         The request or command is understood
·         They are willing to perform the task
·         The muscles needed to perform the task work properly
·         The task may have already been learned
Other forms of apraxia include:
·         Ideational apraxia: Cannot carry out learned complex tasks in the proper order, such as putting on socks before putting on shoes.

I am grateful that this is getting better. But one of the last grooming issues I have had is tying my shoes. Really.

I had no problems with the left leg.  I could put on my left sock and shoe with no problems. But, the right sock gave me fits!  I tried and tried. I logically defined the task. I thought about it. But to no avail.

For months and months I practiced.

My son Ethan was the key even though he had no idea. I was trying in vain to put on my right sock. Then Ethan was putting on his socks. And, I had an epiphany! I got it!

No problems now. Of course, I have to think about it just like I have to do with everything I  do.  It was much simpler then!

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