Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bananas, Santa, and Elves

The other night when Heather was getting Ethan ready for bed, he wanted his nightly bedtime snack, so she brought him a banana. Jokingly Heather used the banana as a telephone and said the call was for Ethan. Here's the ensuing conversation:

  1. Heather: "Ethan! It's for you!"

  2. Ethan: "Who is it, Mom?"

  3. Heather: "It's Santa Clause."

  4. Ethan puts the banana to his face like a phone and nonchalantly says: "Hey Santa."

  5. Ethan pretends to listen and says "What! You wanna drop your elves off here? Well...I guess that would be OK."

  6. After handing Heather the banana/phone, he grabbed it back and exclaimed "Oh, wait. I have school tomorrow!"

  7. He pretends to listen, and says, "Oh. OK. Just drop them off at the house."

There's are fine lines between imagination and cute -- and weird!

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