Monday, January 5, 2009

It's in his blood

Being a carpenter runs deep in Ethan's pedigree. From great grandpas to uncles on his dad's side, being a carpenter (or an artist specializing in wood I think in awe when I see what his uncles can do!), is in Ethan's blood. He is so excited to "get to work" on projects. Over the Christmas holidays, he had a lot of fun working on projects wearing the prized construction outfit he received from Uncle Dirk and Aunt Cheryl. He helped Dad with some projects in the house, and he spent a LOT of time developing and drawing a complicated plan for what turned out to be a treehouse. He showed it to Uncle Steve on Sunday, and it's now posted on Uncle Steve's fridge awaiting warmer weather when Ethan will bring his tools to Uncle Steve's so they can "get to work on that treehouse."

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