Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Working from home

I took today off from work, but I wonder if those of us connected to -- dependent on! -- technology ever really take a day off? I use a Motorola Q and have a built-in WiFi card on my laptop. So, although I officially took a day off, I am still connected, responding to e-mails, working on projects, etc.

There are sometimes days in the office when I don't physically see fellow employees because we comminicate virtually either through e-mail or an internal communication system called "HUD Fonality." So, is it any different to be connected from 2 miles away? From 2,000?

I have really tried -- on a few rare occasions -- to simply check out. I had a wake-up call once when Ethan wanted me to be outside with him while he rode his bike. At one point, he peddled up to me and said "Daddy! I want you to watch me -- not that thing!" I had been "doing e-mails" the whole time thinking my mere presence was sufficient. It wasn't. And it isn't. I need to work on ways to disengage from work and technology so I can engage in being "with" my family rather than just being around them. There is a difference. And I struggle with it.

He went from crawling to a trike to a bike in the blink of an eye. Maybe he did it while I was checking e-mail.

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Sean said...

Your points are great here I have always wondered if I need to log vacation time when I am working on my vacations or days off. My tone for emails and texts are from ESPN sportcenter and one day at the AA baseball game they had a "highlight" and used the same music and my son looked at me and said Daddy your phone is going off. I also learned quality time versus quantity time when I got divorced, I now try to make memories everyday.