Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Birthdays, TV ads, and "That's it?"

Ethan turns 4 years old today, and his understanding and expectations for his birthday have matured along with his discerning television viewing habit. This morning, he was allowed to open one small present (which, admittedly, was something left over from a "going out of business" sale at a now defunct toy store). To suggest he was underwhelmed by the dual guns that shoot foam discs is an understatment ("That's it?") but also a testament to the effectiveness of television marketing during his favorite shows. He wants the Lego Miner (pictured). He also wants a remote control dinosaur because a classmate brought his $300 Christmas dinosaur to school this week for "D" week. Ethan's $3.99 dinosaur (hey it does roar) that I got at an airport gift shop didn't really compare. So, he will get a little bigger and a bit more expensive present later today. In addition, he will get his birthday party next Sunday at Chuck E Cheese. But, I guess "that's it."

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