Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Our son is funny!

Our son is so funny! This is  some random examples:

Yesterday, my son would not pick up his clothes. I admonished him. Exasperated, he said, "Daddy, you are almost like a mom now. Stop it!"

Ethan said, "Dad, you're quite a nerd."

When Ethan wants to pass gas he yells "Dad! I'm going to crack one off!"

When I won the Sacred Heart school board election I told Ethan that I just want to help. Ethan said "Dad! I think the stroke has affected your brain." And then he laughed and laughed.

Today at the Y the attendant told Ethan "are you having fun with your grandpa?" Indignantly, Ethan said, "He is my dad!" 

Ethan said "Dad. Let me introduce you to be quiet." 

My son and I played darts last weekend. I beat him...a lot. Ethan said "Daddy, your stroke helped your game big time!"

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