Monday, May 5, 2014

Disney World, Stroke and Recovery

Four years ago my family and I to Disney World. At that point my son was five years old, and I did all the rides with him. Of course, there were height limits and my son was too short to go on some rides.

At Epcot, we did go to test track and we rode that ride over and over!

For four years, our son has been waiting to return to Disney World so he could experience the big kid rides. 

Four years ago, he did all of the five-year-old boy things: pirate face painting, Jedi training, digging for fossils, etc.

He has a good memory and he often tells me about that Disney World trip.  He will say, "Daddy, do you remember the haunted mansion! You remember splash Mountain!"

I remember. I'm glad I have those memories.

This week we are returning to Disney World. Because of my strokes and health issues, I'm very wary about rides and elevated blood pressure. My doctors and my neurologist cautioned us about making this trip. We are being very careful.

My wife always looks on the bright side of life.  She says, "Four years ago I did all the rides with her son. It is my turn now."

We're in the same hotel,  Port Orleans Riverside. The just the food is the same. The crowds are the same. Short tempers are flaring and kids and adults are hot and sticky. Lines of strollers. 

The much is the same has four years ago. But I sit outside waiting ffor my family because signs warn about health risks. 

But I'm okay about that! I'm just grateful to experience Disney World with my family again. Amost two and a half years ago, the prospect of going to Disney World was a faded dream.

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