Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Google Plus, Google and Blogger are jokes.

I have a blog through “Blogger” which is a Google service. I have had my blog for many years.

Recently, I decided to try Google Plus. That was a massive mistake. However, now my blog supported by Blogger (and even my YouTube) account will NOT let me sign on at all.

If I use my IPhone, my Blogger and my YouTube accounts work. I can edit my blog. However, if I use a desk top computer, it will not work.
I been trying to call Google for several days. Several. I have been on hold for hours and hours.

My internet service is Cable One. Cable One tech support has tried over and over again to rectify this issue.
I have a Cable One account and also a Gmail account. It does not matter which account I use, I get the same result.

If I try to sign into my Blogger account, I get these messages:

“Google Plus is not available for your organization (cable one) Please contact your administrator to enable this service for at least one user in the organization. If you're an administrator, learn more here, about enabling Google Plus and learn more here about applying policies to different users.”

 “Google accounts: We are sorry, but you do not have access to this service. Please contact your domain administrator for access.”

Again, this is NOT a Cable One issue. It is a Google issue. I can see my blog. On my phone, I have access to edit the blog and to do a new post. However, with a desk top computer it will not work at all.  I have two computers, and I get the same results.

So I'm doing this post on my phone. Google and Google Plus is a joke. They have no customer service. 

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